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Well! We finally made it to Anchorage! The journey was an experience that I will never forget! And this summer is going to be rad!

We left Pullman, WA and drove along the Al-Can through Canada and Alaska. Wow! That was pretty insane. I have never seen so much snow! In Canada, we got stuck in a snow storm and had to pull over and sleep in the truck for the night! Then we woke up and drove through even more to snow to a little town called Fort Nelson. We were able to get up the next morning and head on down the road. There was no snow on the roads after that, but the frost heaves and potholes were brutal! But we made it and saw so many animals. Black and Grizzly bears, caribou, buffalo, moose, and wolverine were wondering wild along the road as we drove. Well, Hez drove! The scenery was absolutely gorgeous the entire way. Animals, snow- and tree- covered mountains, the blue-est of blue lakes and streams, and huge frozen lakes and streams. STUNNING! We went through the most pristine landscape I have ever seen!

And now that we are in Alaska, we are in an entire state of pristine landscapes and gorgeous mountains. Oh, and the ocean right at our front door step! Life is good and I am ready to start exploring! So I will leave you with a few photos of our travels. I miss and love all of you!


Our journey has been amazing since we left Moab, Utah! On our way out of town, we stopped by a little ghost town called Sego. The early 20th century town was really neat and contained many standing structures! From Moab, we drove to the beautiful Bryce Canyon! The huge red rock canyons were absolutely breathtaking! Although it was cold and snow was everywhere, we took some amazing photos. After Bryce, we tried to visit the Grand Canyon, but the road to the North Rim was closed. Boooo… But I know that I will see it one day!!! So we decided to head to Las Vegas! Vegas was nice to visit, but it was a huge concrete jungle. We did see Carrot Top for free and he was hilarious, but other than that it was not my scene. After a few days in Vegas, we drove to San Fransisco and stayed in Oakland with an old friend, Nadia! It was so good to see Nadia with her two beautiful kids! It was also a nice treat for 4.20! After visiting the bay area, we drove through the Red Woods to Crescent City in Northern California. That was really nice little coastal town. From Crescent City, we drove north along the Oregon Coast and it was absolutely stunning! We finally arrived in Portland on Thursday the 22nd and are leaving tomorrow! Woohooo… We have had a blast with our wonderful hosts Kaleena and Tomas! They have taken us all over this wonderful town. We were able to relax on the first few days, which was awesome! Since then we have taken mass transit all over town, from buses to the max (train) to streetcars. We have been to Powells (a huge book store) and Washington Park (the rose graden). Even though the roses aren’t blooming yet, it was gorgeous. The whole town is gorgeous. Flowers are blooming all over the place and the smells are all wonderful. The food and bars in town are also awesome! The town seems to have so much to offer and I can’t wait to live here! Yesterday we went on a 6-mile hike through Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge! It was so freaking gorgeous, we saw tons of waterfalls and super lush vegetation. Of course the camera was not charged, so we didn’t get tons of photos but we got a few! I think it means that we HAVE to come back to take the photos that we missed! Our time in Portland has been amazing and we have had wonderful friends as hosts! Like I said, I can’t wait to come back and try to make a life here.

We are going to visit Hez’s nephew in Pullman, Washington tomorrow and we should be in Alaska in about a week! My life is amazing right now. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and opportunity. I miss everyone!


That has been the word of the day. Around every corner and over each new ridge, the sights were purely awesome.

What’s up ya’ll? We’re in Moab, Utah, 2 miles from Arches National Park. i can’t say enough about this little town. It’s pretty touristy, but the people aren’t here to be in the town. They’re here to get out to the rocks and bike or off-road or climb. Just about anything you can do outside, this town is into it. Only downside i can see is there isn’t really anything like a “green-belt” type place. The mighty Colorado River runs just outside the town, but it’s pretty murky.

BUT WHO CARES?! This is the place i’ve always dreamed of visiting and seeing up close and it happened today! i can’t tell ya how happy i’ve been today. Just walking around with a crooked smile plastered on my ugly mug.

So, we rolled into Moab 2 days ago, through a dust-storm, and stayed at the Lazy Lizard hostel. i just now am realizing that i didn’t make any videos there. crap. we decided we wanted to take it easy for a couple o’ days, since we’ve been up and driving for the past week straight.

we got up the next day and went to a laundromat and did our laundry, then went to the Moab Brewery to get a taste of the local flavor.

we bellied up to the bar, “i’ll have a Scorpion.” i said to the barkeep. “of course you will.” snickered T.
we weren’t there for about 10 minutes, when a skinny fella with curly, brown, shoulder-length hair sits around the bar corner from us and strikes up a conversation. he told us his name is Gary and he’s been riding his BMW mororcycle since March 23rd. he’s been traveling all over and selling his glasswork from town to town. and to boot, he’s from Minnesota and he and Clint would be like “peas and carrots”.

needless to say, it didn’t take us long before all three of us were clinking glasses and laughin’ it up. we talked of our love for music and the amazing things we’ve seen on our travels. we talked and drank, ordered some chicken wings, of course, and finally needed to find a camping spot.

we got to the site and had our tent up and fire blazing within 10 minutes. the lil’ party continued into the nite, and Gary ended up staying with us, just to be safe.

the next morning, we got up, re-stoked the fire, and had bacon & mushroom fried rice for breakfast. along with some dates, figs, and ants-on-a-log. and of course, coffee, for her majesty. hehehe

we got packed up and out to the Arches around 1, and you can look at the pics and videos to put the rest together.

we both agree that Moab is a beautiful little town, and at the top of our list, so far, as a place we could see ourselves living. now, i just gotta find 5 or 6 more girlfriends, and we’ll fit right in!

we’re doing great and having the time of our lives, just a little dirty behind the ears and a lil’ ripe. we miss all of our friends and family. and the dogs!! damn, i really miss having a dog around.

“what up Tara?! what’s up Opie and Mable?! get the squirrels Bud!”

we’ll keep ya’ll posted with our travels whenever we’re able to get phone service or wireless.

peace and chicken grease,

We’ve had a killer day at Arches National Park! And we had to get the pictures up for all of you guys to see. We also have some video logs and photos of Mesa Verde posted here! Yippee.

Hez posted an awesome blog about our travels so far but it was accidentally deleted. So frustrating. We might not get anymore of his superb words but we should get kick ass videos from him! OOoouuuf.

plenty more videos to come!!

We made it to Moab, Utah! This is a pretty cool little town! The scenery is amazing! We are staying at Lazy Lizard Hostel tonight. It seems pretty cool so far. We needed a shower and some internet! So here we are! And I am able to post pics and tell you a little bit about our awesome journey so far.

Last time we spoke Hez and I were in Taos, NM. We got out of that town pretty quick! It was not for us and people were still skiing. Lots of snow on the ground can be pretty intimidating when you are from Texas and camping! After Taos, we headed to Santa Fe, NM where we got the windshield replaced. We left the truck at the shop and walked to the bus, also known as the Santa Fe Trails. It was nice getting to see almost all of the city from a bus window! We took the bus downtown and walked around the plaza. We were able to walk through the Chuck Jones gallery (very cool) and the five and dime! Hahaha. Santa Fe was pretty and the people were super friendly. From Santa Fe we went to Chaco Culture National Historic Park south of Farmington, NM. That was awesome! We camped there for two nights and hiked around the park checking out the ruins! The weather was awesome and the park was full of killer sights and really neat people. I freaking loved it! The prehistoric structures and kivas were simply amazing! Then we headed up to Cortez, Colorado. Hez and I both loved that town. It was very charming and the people were nice. We did our first night of boondocking (free camping on federal land) there! The spot was along the Delores River. That town also has very cool archaeology! Not only is Crow Canyon in Cortez, Mesa Verde National Park is also there. We visited Mesa Verde and drove straight into Moab.

Hez has drove most of the way, so needless to say he is tired. But he says hello to everyone! And that he will post his blog tomorrow! He has been making some cute little videos of everything along the way. Hopefully we get those up soon. I am going to start uploading some photos for your viewing pleasure. I miss everyone and love you all!


Man, what i crazy beginning to our adventure!!
let me back-track a second….

so, we made it to my home town in New Mexico, Jal, and we went up into the Lincoln Forest, with my mom and sister and nephew, as T has already let you know.

blah, blah, blah…

we leave my mom’s house on Tuesday for the Carlsbad Caverns for T’s birthday.
on our way on the road towards the Caverns, a dust-devil kicked up about 50 feet in front of us. I told T, “roll up the window.”

in a split second, out of the corner of my eye, there was a shadow.

“we’re dead.” was all i could say.


“are you okay?”

“i think so. you?”

out of shock, i just kept driving.

after realizing what had just happened, a piece of 3×5 sheet of plywood had been blown up and smashed into our truck!!



it was like… “hoo de hoo de hoo…” BLAMM!!!

we weren’t hurt, but shaken.

we just kept going to the Caverns, cuz it was gonna close in an hour.

so, we go make it in, and chill around 750 feet below for T’s birthday.
(check the pics. most take from my Droid Eris)
(by the way, i think these pics are pretty dope for no flash. now, gimme some love Verizon.)


we are in Taos, New Mexico.
it’s a pretty town, but it really doesn’t have anything to offer us, but a hot-tub.

and we have taken FULL advantage of that!!

gonna get the windshield fixed manana, and look around Santa Fe. then off to Chaco Canyon for some camping and peace.

i still can’t wrap my mind around what i’m doing. but i got my best friend with me, and we’re laughing the whole way. it don’t get no better.

i’ll try to “blog” in a couple o’ days.

peace and chicken grease,

Hez and I, along with his mom, sister and nephew, went to the Lincoln National Forest! We stayed at his old boyscout camp, Camp Wehinahpay. There was awesome, huge pine trees everywhere, mountains and SNOW! It was my first time to see and play in “real” snow. I had a blast sledding down the slope and trying to walk around in knee deep, soft snow! Even being in that high of an elevation made my lungs feel like they were going to explode! Just another excuse to quit smoking!

We also stopped in Cloudcroft, NM. That was a charming little ski town. Hez has been going to this part of the world since he was 10!   So he felt right at home. It was all new to me and I loved it. We could have stayed in Cloudcroft or Wehinahpay, but we decided that we should keep heading to AK. I know that there will be even more amazing places along the way and I will probably fall in love with all of them!

We are leaving Sandra’s house and heading to Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow! That is going to be the best birthday present EVER! Just getting on the open road and heading west! I can’t freaking wait! Even though it has been awesome hanging with Hez’s mom! I am ready to explore!

Life is so good right now! I feel so lucky to be able to travel and explore western North America. And AK, the final frontier, yippee! I will do my best to log my travels and post photos and videos!


Hez and I leaving tomorrow morning! We are headed to his mom’s place in NM! Yippee!

Our journey has almost begun! From Hez’s hometown, Jal, NM, we hit up the Lincoln National Forest and Carlsbad Caverns. Then we will go to Chaco Canyon! i am so excited about traveling! Our plan is to hang out in the four corners area to see the arches and all that good stuff. Then we will play it by ear and head to Northern California.

Sorry for the brevity of this post. check back for updates and photos.


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